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Ways of Payment

15. Ways of payment

1. Payment via Credit Card:

1.1. The electronic shop Skinn Hellas accepts the credit cards Visa, Mastercard. Your transactions in our electronic shop are protected from maximum systems online safety (SSL), that guarantee a safe environment of transactions in most of the 500 bigger enterprises of the world. The particular protocol is today the protocol that is used in the knowest internet places. A kryptografimeni SSL communication requires the all information that is dispatched between a customer and exypiretiti kryptografoyntai by the software of mission and apokryptografoyntai by the software of acceptance, protecting thus personal information at their transport. Moreover, all information that is dispatched with the protocol SSL is protected from a mechanism that automatically ascertains if the data have been modified at the transport.

1.2. For the markets with your credit card you follow the directives that exist in our electronic shop. It will be asked to you to supplement the form of order and the number and the date of expiry of your credit card. In the case where you select to pay with a credit card, it will be supposed you are present/present at the receipt of your order, having together you your credit card and your identity. In this case (that is to say. payment via credit card) is not allowed for the receipt of order from a third person. In the event that the order is realised in the elements and on behalf of the company, then the credit card that you use will be supposed to be corporate. That is to say, it has been published in the elements and on  onomati the corresponding company. Also, at the delivery it will be supposed to present the permitted holder with the credit card or his identity.

2. Payment of on reception order in your place:

2.1. Pay the employee of our company, with the delivery of your order in your place.

2.2. According to the being in effect tax provisions, from  03.01.2012 receipts of value ano 1.500 to private individuals (Proof Retail) it will be supposed they are paid off ONLY with the following ways:

2.2.1. Deposit transfer in banking account

2.2.2. Debit or credit or charge card

3. Receipt and payment of your order at the natural shop of Skinn Hellas:

3.1. In the final stage of completion of order you select in the Method of Mission the “receipt from shop”. Your order will remain in the shop that you selected, for a limited time interval afterwards.

4. With deposit in banking account:

4.1. Can anticipate your order in the following account of bank with which we collaborated  :


Account Number: 15562617447


Account holder NAME: Andreas Kapasouris



Account Number: 0026.0244.10.0200517875

IBAN: GR2302602440000100200517875

Account holder NAME: Andreas Kapasouris



IBAN: GR17 0172 1850 0051 8509 9182 448

Account holder NAME: Andreas Kapasouris

and send us the copy of the banking payment receipt via email at  info@skinn.gr and will be activated the process of shipping your order.

5. With her use of services Paypal

5.1. After the choice of Paypal method of payment you will be connected with the Paypal account "SKINN HELLAS A.K."  that you allocate and following provided directives you complete electronic the account Paypal payment.

- In the case of payment with Paypal are not in effect extra expenses


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