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Terms & Conditions

General terms of use

The www.skinn.gr it is the electronic shop of presentation and disposal via the Internet of products of Greek individual company with the name “ANDREAS KAPASOYRIS” and with discreet title SKINN  HELLAS  A.K., that resides in the road Vellerefontou 22-24, tk 10443,  in Greece (AFM: 103886386   /  D.O.Y. Ά of Athens /  General Electronic Commercial Registry: 134962901000) (Henceforth  «Skinn Hellas»). Front you enter in the electronic shop and periigitheite in our web page, you we call to be consulted the below terms and conditions, that are applied for the use of our electronic shop.

Be certified that you agree with the below terms and conditions, because the further use and your tour in the ano web page involve the explicit and unconditional consent and your consent in the application and their force.


1. Field of application

The present general terms of use cover exclusively each sale of his products via  istotopoy (website)www.skinn.gr. Any divergences from them should be confirmed from  Skinn Hellas writtenly. Any other general Terms and Conditions are excluded explicitly. Each user that enters and makes use of services of electronic shop is considered that it consents and accepts unconditionally the terms that here are formulated, without no exception. If some user does not agree with his them terms he owes to abstain from the use of electronic shop and from each transaction with this.

More specifically, the mission of your order involves acceptance of present Convention and all terms of this.


2. Modification of terms of present

H Skinn Hellas it maintains the right to modify or to renew the terms and the conditions of transactions according to her needs and exchange ithi. The modification or renewal will be in effect from the moment where will be informed relatively the present text on any change. However, the change of terms does not occupy orders which already you have made. For this reason, his users istotopoy they owe to check per regular time intervals the terms on by any chance changes.


3. Provided information via  website

H Skinn Hellas it is committed as for the plenitude and the validity of information that is mentioned in her web page www.skinn.gr,  so much with regard to the existence of essential characteristics where individually they are described for each product that it allocates, what for the precision of elements that concerns provided , from her electronic shop Skinn Hellas,  services, under the reserve of by any chance techniques or typografikon or inadvertently errors, that have slipped the attention or have resulted involuntarily or because by any chance interruptions of operation of web page from reasons of superior violence.

4. Availability of products

In the event that somebody of the products that you ordered, is not immediately available, you we will inform inside legitimate time interval via  email or by phone for the likely time of receipt of product from the supplier and the en their continuity delivery in you.


5. Responsibility her Skinn Hellas

[[Η]] Skinn Hellas it is in the event accountable only for deceit and heavy negligence, delay in the delivery ordered products and for information that the himself it gives or services that provide via her network place.

[[Η]] Skinn Hellas it does not bring responsibility for by any chance technical problems that can present itself in the users when they attempt the access in the network place and at the duration of this and have relation with the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure for the use of network place. Also Skinn Hellas none responsibility has for action or omissions third and particularly not allowed interventions third in products and/or services and/or information that is sold via this.

[[Η]] Skinn Hellas it makes each possible effort to provide services of high quality. Nevertheless, they cannot be excluded cases of errors in prices and secondary characteristics of products and it cannot be ensured, that will not exist interruptions of operation of web page or technical/typografika errors at the briefing or insertion of price of product. For the safety and the effectiveness of markets we call you, provided that you realise that some product is offered in extraordinarily low or high price in combination his agoraia value, front you advance in his order, epikoinoniste with the Department of Service of Customers in  216  700  6057 or via the electronic post in  info@skinn.gr,  daily from  9.00 until   17.00.


6. Way of Order

The orders should be received writtenly via internet via the completion and mission of relative Formas of Order that exists in istotopowww.skinn.gr. H  order your is considered received from  Skinn Hellas  from the moment where will be received relative briefing with   e-mail in the electronic address of communication that you have registered.


Your order is considered binding when in the situation of order exists the clue “Under Mission” or “Available to Receipt”.


[[Ο]] ordering it will be supposed it checks the Confirmation of Registration and it informs writtenly Skinn Hellas immediately or inside  12 hours by the hour of reception of electronic notice, for any potential error, otherwise the elements that are reported in the Confirmation of Registration will at the latest be applied in this Convention.


7. The prices of products

Before the mission Formas of Order, it is considered that have been rendered known the following elements and information:

In the quoted prices of various products that are impressed in his pages istotopoy is included also the F.P.A., in the forecasted from the law percentage.


The prices of electronic shop can change whenever without warning. H Skinn Hellas it does not bring no responsibility and it does not cover differences of prices of products that were bought from her natural shop Skinn Hellas and the customer realised as an afterthought the existence of lower price in her electronic shop or reverse.


The various offers of products are in effect up to exhaustion of reserves. In the event small or limited availability of reserve of product that has come out in offer, Skinn Hellas it maintains right the relative orders to be executed with criterion satisfaction of as much as possible her more customers, i.e. orders that were registered by different/separate users.


8. Receipt by the natural shop

[[Η]] Skinn Hellas it provides in the user the possibility of order of products, that is available, via the electronic shop and receipt of products from the natural shop that it maintains Skinn Hellas. More specifically, the customer is able he selects via the electronic shop to/ta product/nta that this wishes, as well as himself the natural shop from which it wishes receives his order, apoplironontas the price of his purchase with metrita, at the receipt of products from the shop, in the case of particular choice. This possibility is provided under the following terms and conditions:


-  The customer will be supposed to provide the required elements for the verification of his identity (i.e., full name, electronic address, telephone of communication.


-  In the event that is realised that some user proceeds in abusive exercise of this possibility that is provided for him from  Skinn Hellas (eg. repeated order of types via the electronic shop and not receipt of these from the shop, etc), the last one is able apokroysei and it denies the order in question user via the possibility of receipt from the shop, as of interrupting the possibility for submission of electronic orders.


9. Cancellation of order

Can cancel your order in her any phase of treatment, after epikoinonisete by phone with the Department of Service of Customers, in  216  700  6057, or provided that you send message of electronic post ininfo@skinn.gr,  daily from  9.00 until   17.00. Depending on the stage of development of your order, Skinn Hellas it will inform you for the choices that you have.


10. Proof of your transactions

The mission of his order via  istotopoy www.skinn.gr it amounts with recognition that the debts but also other real incidents, that concern their use istotopoy www.skinn.gr,  they will be proved by the extracts of her books Skinn Hellas,  in that is impressed the situation of your order and in which you recognize and attribute complete probative force. Also, you recognize that any data which are stored locally in her computers Skinn Hellas or in stocking spaces of electronic data benefits diadiktyakon services they prove completely your activities in  istotopo her Skinn Hellas and the all relatively real incidents.



11. Delivery of products and their danger of deterioration

From per year his delivery ordered product on behalf of her Skinn Hellas in the service of high speed transports the danger returns in the purchaser,  Skinn Hellas it is not accountable for the accidental destruction or deterioration of products.

The products can be dispatched to you opoydipote inside the Greek Territory and Cyprus. The products will be dispatched to you in the place that to us you have indicated in the Form of Order with service of high speed transports  (courier),


the company  ACS. However Skinn Hellas it maintains the right to select different company of high speed transports or figurative company, even afterwards the order of your products. If region where you are found, is considered from  ACS your innaccessible, parcel will remain in nearest her in you shop  ACS. Missions will be realised daily, except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Also, Skinn Hellas it is not accountable for loss, delay of delivery, destruction or deterioration of products at their transport from any company of high speed transports.


12. Guarantee

Her products Skinn Hellas they are certified from the European Committee of Safety of Cosmetics (CPNP) and the National Organism of Medicines (EOF). However Skinn Hellas it does not provide guarantee neither it guarantees protection for products that are not prepared from or on behalf of her Skinn Hellas,  and that Skinn Hellas simply metapolei.


13. Superior Violence

[[Η]] Skinn Hellas it is not accountable for delays in the implementation of (included delivery) that they are owed in cases that cannot be attributed in her culpability Skinn Hellas or be owed in superior violence, during which will be eligible extension of time for the implementation. Indicative examples of reasons of superior violence can be strikes, terrorist energies, war, problems of suppliers of / transport of / production, fluctuations of exchange equivalences, governmental or legislative action and natural destructions. If such incidents last now the 2 months, the present Convention can be denounced from any contracting without compensation.


14. Your obligations as Customer

You are persons in charge for:

  1. Your choice of product and appropriateness his for your aims and for the use, for which this is intended.
  2. The expenses of telephones and post for the communication with  Skinn Hellas,  provided that they exist.
  3. The expenses of mission and/or transport of products in the residence or in the professional installation of purchaser.


Aim of present is the apposition of terms and conditions that condition the use of web page of our company, as well as policy of secrecy, which it follows. The visitor/user owes to read carefully the terms of use and the conditions of benefit of services that follow, before the visit or the use of web page and in the event disagreement it owes it does not make their use. Otherwise tekmairetai that it completely accepts and unconditionally the reported terms, which are in effect for the total of content of this.

Access in the Web page

In order to you have access in the web page it will be supposed you are adults (ano the 18 years), otherwise it is required proteri parental authorisation and you have valid electronic address.

Use of Web page

The use of web page presupposes that the user allocates the essential materials in  (hardware)  and software for use of Internet.  
Our company is not accountable for direct or indirect damage of users from technical problems caused from illegal action third eg. from ypoklopes elements or from distribution of viruses  (viruses)  at the duration of use of web pages or this reproduction of elements. The use of present web page and the reception of information become with danger and responsibility of user.
Even if we overwhelm each effort in order to we maintain always the Web page accessible,  we cannot guarantee you access under the all conditions in the all circumstances. It is likely for various reasons, as as an example for reasons of maintainance or for other except our field of control the access in the web page they are precarious not feasible or even is interrupted, thing for which our company does not bring no responsibility against the user.

Obligations of User

The user of present web page accepts that does not make her use for publication, mission with   e-mail or transmission with other ways of any content that are illegal, damaging, threatening, kakoboylo, offensive, defamatory or constitute violation the confidential some other. Is prohibited the use of present web page for political, promotional or prosilytistikoys aims. The user commits to import viruses or any nature files that can disturb the good operation of present web page. It will be supposed it is added and it is marked that is not granted in the user no other right by referring the present web page, minus aytoy tis personal briefing, unless explicitly it is fixed otherwise.

Precision of information

The company overwhelms to us each possible effort, so that she provides precise and informed information. However, because the continuous danger of intervention third in the Internet, but also because the transport of data in the Internet is not absolutely reliable, we can guarantee for the precision all included in the web page of elements (per all moment). In the event that the user locates faults or omissions in provided, in the present web page, information we request in order that us it informs in the following electronic address:info@skinn.gr
Still the user will be supposed to know that the information and the advices that are contained in our web page, in no case, do not substitute the medical diagnosis, advice and follow-up.

Intellectual Property

a) Protection

The author of present web page, enjoys legal protection according to the provisions peri intellectual property, as these are met in Greek, European and International Right.
More specifically and basei the N.2121/1993 “Intellectual property, related rights and cultural subjects” the author of present web page with the creation of this (as work) and without the need of formulations (article 6 paragraph 2 N. 2121/1993)  it is protected from the provisions peri intellectual property on what “includes as exclusive and absolute rights of exploitation of work (financial right) and the right of protection  their personal bond to this (moral right)” (article 1 paragraph 1 N. 2121/1993).

b) Prohibitions

Basei the financial and moral right of author, as these are described in the provisions of articles 3 and 4 N. 2121/1993,  they are expressly prohibited without the previous written authorisation of author (article 14 N. 2121/1993)  the work following: the any reproduction of web pages or on part of content of these, as text, part of base of data, graphic representations or photographs, which exceeds the limits of private use (article of 18 N. 2121/1993).
Consequently are prohibited the storage in hard disk or other technical means of storage, the mission with electronic post  (e-mail),  the loading with  server,  the creation deep and  in-line links,  the printing and distribution in written form (electronic or printed), the translation or the distribution of content of these, the transformation of total or part of these as well as the presentation in the public. All above they constitute exclusive rights of author of web page of (our company) and in any case the omission or the not convenient exercise from the author of his rights cannot constitute resignation from them.
In the event invocation of villages of web pages in the frames scientific dialogue, that is to say with exclusive aim the progress of science, it is pointed out that  : “The apposition of extract should be accompanied from the clue of source and names of author…., provided that this names present in the source” (article 19 N. 2121/1993).


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